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Camellia ComeDay, 16 August 2010

Camellia ComeDay

Camellia Camelo Comes

Originally posted Wednesday, 18 August 2010; 20:23

Camellia and Carol meet

Camellia and Carol meet

[c105801bgop-camcarmeet.jpg] Camellia and Carol - first meeting

Photo by Gail Dame

Camellia and Carol meet for the first time

Carol! We found you the right dog!

Kwali and Kumbi, you absolutely, most certainly, DID! So, tell me, how did you manage to do that?

First, I used my eyes, my nose, and several others of my senses.

And I used the light, shadow and periphery of my vision (which is now fully restored, at the Bridge), because I've developed such skill with that special vision, and I used my nose and several others of MY senses, too.

And we both used the depths of our knowledge of dogs and of humans too.

We decided to start with Havanese, because, retiring the Era of the Australian Terrier, we thought Havanese would be the best breed for you. So different from us! Yet - with the cheerful attitudes we also have.

So first, we looked for breeders not too far from you. We found two, with the help of your neighbor who has a Havanese. And we asked both of them if they might have a suitable dog.

The breeders we asked

We started at Bev Dorma's Elite Havanese, and we enquired of Bev, and then immediately also, enquired of Gail Dame, at Seantiago Havanese. If you go to either of those sites, you will need to use your browser's Back button to return here.

Those breeders work as a kind of team, and we quite like that!

Very soon, in only a few hours, we had replies, saying indeed, they DID have a dog we might consider. This was a 3.5-year-old spayed female, "Black Particolor," which means a lot of white, with black patches and ticking (Belton, we think Gail said, identifies the black ticking).

They had been having difficulty placing this dog, and we or Carol or Camellia will tell more of that story later.

We notified Carol immediately, and she surely didn't waste any time, but went after this dog as though driven. Well, she WAS driven! We knew that! We'd been watching and trying to help her, poor Mummy!

Thank you, Kwali and Kumbi!

Kwali and Kumbi - you did a super, super, SUPER good job!

As I write this, on Wednesday, 18 August 2010; two days after Camellia ComeDay, I know you found me the most incredibly wonderful dog! How was I so lucky as to get this dog? Well, I can tell you this much. Most humans don't really know dogs all that well, and so can't always TELL which dogs might be just right for them. Me, I had your assistance, which was a huge help. You taught me so much over the years. I'll have a lot more to say about how all this works, later.

The basics, though, are that some humans thought Camellia has a behavior problem, not recognizing that all she needed was to have all her real needs actually MET, to be free to be truly the Dog She Is, and so, to be the Perfect Dog.

Already, today, after being with me only a bit more than two days, she is showing her true being. We are enjoying each other to the hilt. I'll follow up with Camellia's journal, when I have time, Many, many thanks to my neighbor, and to Bev Dorma, and especially to Gail Dame, who brought Camellia to meet me, and transferred papers so that Camellia is now officially (you know, in the eyes of Humans With Their Paperwork), my dog. As though a Human could actually Own a Dog; hahaha!

Camellia's full name is: Camellia Camelo Suerte del Cielo DulcePaws.

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