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The Evolution of Cake

Blue Plate Special

Kwali and Kumbi gain experience

Originally posted Sunday, 23 August 2009; 12:08:56

Niki's Birthday Cake, for Dolly too

[cw23004cd-nikicake134.jpg] Niki's Birthday Cake
For Dolly too

Early in 2009, Kwali and Kumbi suddenly took a fancy to baking. I had to assist them a bit, for instance, to turn the oven on, as they were unable to reach the switches. I'm no good as a baker, but Kwali and Kumbi are great experimenters. Their first cake went to a very beloved neighbor for an anniversary. The neighbor didn't die.

Kumbi's blood glucose levels went up a bit for a day or two, as a result of his managing to get a taste of the frosting. But mostly, though Kumbi would LOVE to eat the entire cake, frosting and all, he has admirable self-restraint, in the interests of feeling good. Kwali, similarly, being Quite Olde now, will take a taste or two, and then stop. She prefers that exqusite joy of the taste, without setting her tummy and entire system up to suffer from undue indiscretion.

The cake has missing parts

I'm sure you will notice some missing parts in the picture. That's because I was JUST too late with my camera to catch the few seconds when the plate and the cake were all intact.

You will see chips out of the plate. That's because the plate is also edible. Not only that, it is delicious, and it's safe for diabetics, too, but Kwali and Kumbi felt they needed to leave enough of the plate itself to support the cake, or, at least, the part of the cake that remains.

Make sure the cake is safe for humans

Kwali and Kumbi wanted to make certain the cake they made is safe for humans, because very typically, dogs willingly share such a large item with their Human DogParents. At least, a little bit of it. That is, provided the Human DogParent has the foresight to cut a piece, and get it out of the way (for instance, down their own gullets), before the dogs can eat the entire cake.

As a check, Kwali and Kumbi cut a piece out of the back of the cake, where the missing part isn't so noticeable, and asked me to eat it. I was quite nervous about that, but first, I tasted it, and it was GREAT! So even if it had been deadly, I might have finished eating the piece anyway. However, I suffered no ill-effects whatsoever, which means every cake they ship out gets poison-tested first, by me. I leave the plate-testing to Kwali and Kumbi. The idea of eating plates is a bit too strange for my personal taste. Kwali and Kumbi have no such reservations.

Hyacinth sprigs adorn the offering

While Kwali was frosting the cake, Kumbi went out into the garden, and picked a few springs of hyacinth, which he then brought in, and the dogs placed them around the plate.


Then they placed the candles, and, ever so carefully, JUST before shipping, they lit them.

As the frosting began to drip a bit, they took their one brief moment to be in position to catch a drip or two on their tongues. After all, they practically never eat any sweets at all, so this is a very special moment for them. Besides, they need to poison-test the cake for dogs as well as for humans.

They haven't said a word about cats, but Prancy, looking down from the Rainbow Bridge, says SHE tested the cake, and it's safe for cats, too. So is the plate.

Blow candles out before eating

Kwali and Kumbi instruct their recipients to blow the candles out before eating the cake. They were wise enough to wait to light the candles till after they had done their testing.

I suggested to them that they should leave the candles unlit for shipping purposes, but they could not BEAR to shpi unlit cnadles, so they lit them. By some unknown miracle, every cake they have shipped has arrived with candles still lit, and barely burned down at all. No plane crashes were reported, either. That's no surprise, since it was the FastBroom who made the deliveries.

(The FastBroom is the vehicle the BS Correctors use.)

Happy Birthday, Niki!

Kwali and Kumbi have just shipped, singing, Happy Birthday, Niki!

As we write, bake, test and ship, it is Niki's twelfth birthday.

OOPS~ I am two days LATE! Niki's birthday was two days ago; on 21 August. Oh, well; typical me!

My apologies, Niki, for being two daze late. Then again, my dogs didn't bake the cake till today, so they are two days late, also.

We are hoping there will soon be none of this cake left, because we can always make another.

The Evolution of Cake is something Kwali and Kumbi like to practice with.

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