Eye of doG (5 KB)

Look out, Kwali!
Mum has that camera again!

Kwali joins Kumbi in the Front Stoop Pen

[c21628] We are Kwali and Kumbi.

We are great buddies.
We take really good care of each other.
This is one of our pages.

This photo was taken though, at about week 10. Mum sneaked up with that camera, and caught Kumbi full-face - very unusual! He's usually very camera-shy.

Poor us! We couldn't hug each other for TWELVE WEEKS! - while Kumbi rested in pens and crates. Kwali kept saying to me she missed our cuddles.

We did go out in the yard together, but Mum had Kumbi on a leash the whole time, for twelve whole weeks, and the few times we really tried to play, Mum asked us not to.

Finally, Mum called Dr. Erik and said, "Hey - when can they play together?" And Dr. Erik said, "With caution, now!"

So, finally, we indulged in a great wrestle. Some people think we are killing each other; haha! Others think we're being terribly risque, but we know better.


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