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Our Family Photos

A Special Album

for our friends

We licked these photos
to display

So Mum would put up
the right ones

To see our special photos
click the thumbnails

To see our own two galleries
click the clickers

These are our clickers

To see our Blue Days
click the blue clicker

To see a Red-letter Day
click the red clicker

Blue clicker from Carolyn Clark

Red clicker from Carolyn Clark and KrisZ of Jasc Forums

Click on a thumbnail to see the whole picture

We also have a few remarks for you

We like being clicked. Clicked and treated. Treated well.

In turn, we clickety click click with our twinkley toenails, and treat, treat lickie liickie, waggly wiggly, and clean up our humans. Very nicely. Very sweetly.

And we jump all over them, because they love it, and invite us to. Then we cuddle up and sleep with them.

Besides our catal and dogal pages, which you can find by clicking (not clipping) the thumbnails here, you can, if you like, find other galleries on this site.

We like to share our photos with other animals, so we hope you enjoy them.

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