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Yahoo Group Information

To help you find originals of messages posted here

Brief information on how to join a Yahoo group

Assistance with Yahoo Groups

Here, I provide assistance for you in case you wish to Join a Yahoo Group where messages posted here originated.

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How to get to the original versions
of messages posted here on Coherent Dog
that have come from Yahoo Groups

This information applies to pages on Coherent Dog where I have posted messages, or portions, or edited versions of them, that originated in a Yahoo Group.

In each instance, I include the URL for the group where the message originally appeared.

To join a Yahoo Group

If you are not already a member of the Yahoo Group from which the message came, you will need to join the group in order to read the original message.

I believe you will find the group-owners and moderators helpful and prompt in approving your membership to the group. When you go to the group web site and click on Join This List, Yahoo asks you for your email preferences, and then to leave a comment for the Group Owner. If you like, you may mention in your comment that you learned of the Group from Coherent Dog.

Yahoo will also prompt you as needed to obtain a Yahoo ID and password, if you don't already have these.

What clicking on "Original Message" does

Clicking on the "Original Message*" link will take you directly to the original message under the following conditions:

1) you are a member of the group in which the message was posted

2) you are already signed in to Yahoo

3) the Yahoo server on which the message is located is operating

If you are not signed in to Yahoo at the time you click on "Original Message*," Yahoo will prompt you to sign in, but then, it may, obstreperously, lose track of where you came from, which nullifies the effect of the link you clicked on to see the original message.

To get around that little problem, after you sign in to Yahoo, you may use your browser's Back button to return to the page where you clicked on "Original Message*," and click there again.

That procedure should take you to the original message within the group.

However, if Yahoo happens to be working on the server where the message is located, you will not gain access to the message. Just try again later.

Afterwards, if you wish to return to Coherent Dog again, you can again use your Back button, or, if you are using a tabbed browser, you may go through these procedures by opening different tabs for each different page.

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