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Many individual people helped a lot too

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My Primary Guides

I would like to encourage anyone interested to go ahead and build yourself a web site.

It's not easy to do, but it's possible to learn, perhaps with greater ease than how I did!

I learned in bits and pieces, and I got so disoriented sometimes I felt seasick.

But the trick is to find the information that will lead you, step by step, through making your own site.

The WebDeveloper Forums serve very well as a guide to help you find your way to many useful sources of information.

I admit to having felt hesitant to join forums where people were called (and are!) "Web Designers." But - I found the people friendly and helpful, even when I was so disoriented I could barely ask a question. And after a time, I got used to being there.

So if you would like to make your own web site, let me send you delightedly on your way!

Web Design Standards

I learned in the forums that it's a good idea to design a web site to standards. If you are just starting out, you are in luck; you don't have bad habits to unlearn. I'm listing some of what I found to be the most useful resources on this page.

The reason you will thank yourself for paying attention to standards is that your web site won't break easily! Presumably, if you make a site, you would like visitors, and you would like them to enjoy it, and use it.

If you start by learning how to design to standards, you can use the WorldWideWeb Consortium's Validation Services. These services will find typographical errors in your code - but not in what you write that you are saying to people!

All pages I put up on this site are validated by the W3C Validation Services.

To validate your HTML files, you can go to the W3C Markup Validation Service

To validate your Cascading Style Sheets, you can go to the W3C CSS Validation Service

The book that really got me started

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page, Fifth Edition

Publisher: alpha books

ISBN: 0-02-864316-X

Usefulness to me

When I was completely disoriented and had no idea how to start, I found this book by Paul McFedries in my local public library. As I began to read it, I began, for the first time, to understand a little about how to structure and code a web page.

McFedries recommends using a text editor instead of the editors that show you what your code makes your page look like ("WYSIWYG," or, "What You See Is What You Get," editors).

I began to use a text editor to follow along while reading this book.

I recommend this book to any beginner who wants to make a web page, with the single caution that the book is dated, and you will need to learn from other sources as well, if you are to validate your code.

More information is available at From Paul McFedries' web site.

HTML editors

NVU is a WYSIWYG editor,and you might find it very helpful.

Although I'm not currently using it, I found NVU essential at certain stages of my learning, so I keep it handy.

HTML-Kit has some features that are also very helpful to find and correct mistakes, and you can validate your code using it, too.

Online Tutorials that served me best

W3Schools provides a series of helpful tutorials. It shows short examples, and then provides a "Try-It" editor, where you can actually type into the code examples, and watch to see the effects of what you type. I found it helpful, though the coding is somewhat dated. Still, it's good teaching, and you can tune up your code using other resources.

Someone on the WebDeveloper Forums mentioned Liquid layouts using css.

I went to look, and realized that this tutorial was something I could first use, just copying code, and then begin actually, though gradually, to understand, at least a little.

From there, I discovered other tutorials I found indispensable to me. They are all by Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley has other online tutorials I also used extensively, including:




Other web sites I found helpful

You can put frosting on your cake with A List Apart e-magazine for web-designers; it can be helpful even for beginners like me. It's a very attractive site, and very nicely written.


BonRouge answers questions on the WebDeveloper Forums. You can find him at

I took the code for my main Gallery pages from his site.

BonRouge also has other helpful information on his site, including information on floats. I used his suggestions about putting .GIF files into columns to maintain some control over ones that are primarily decorative, not holding anything particularly in the way of page content.

Helpful People

The following people have also been especially helpful in their posts to me on the WebDeveloper Forums.

MstrBob helped me with a number of questions about HTML and CSS.

Dave SW helped me with links.

Fang provided very exact and easy-to-follow examples of code that I found I could use directly.

Triumph provided assistance and code examples.

Ray326 was especially helpful with useful resources.

Many others helped too.

I thank all those posting to the forums, and encourage them to continue,and I encourage visitors here who wish to try, to use these resources if you wish to.

A very beautiful site

I can't close my listings without mentioning a site I found incredibly attractive, and interesting, too. SimpleBits entrances me. Dan Cederholm is the webmaster and site-owner. He has written a book on Web Standards Solutions that I hope to acquire.

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