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Carol's Lead-Off Rambles

Inviting friends

I happen to like humans as well as I like cats and dogs.

As I remarked, my lifelong passion is communication; that's with other humans, with other cultures, with other animals, too.

I don't know if there's anything I like better than working as a team with other humans: it's like going in-and-out doors where you meet new ideas, new thoughts, fresh visions.

Well, I also like working with unhuman animals as a team. Gosh, to do that, I have to learn to take hints from other animals.

Turid Rugaas really has a key to hints flowing in borh directions, between canines and humans, humans and canines. She doesn't use words the way I do; she's not so rambly; she focuses. Wow, she gets straight to the point.

I have collected some of Turid's remarks, and will have lots more from Turid to post occasionally.

I included Turid's schedule page here so any of you can track to see what she's doing when and where.

Maybe you could find a seminar and go.

What puts Turid on this page?

Easy. I use what she taught me, every single day, most of the time.

Communication? Turid knows communication, especially with dogs. She's good at it for two reasons; first, she grew up with dogs and has lived with them and watched them all her life. But what is more significant even than that is, she takes dogs on their own terms. She listens to them. She also studied them in great detail, making miles of videotape. I feel deeply fortunate I learned about dog body language from Turid.

Carolyn Clark uses Calming Signals

Last week, Carolyn Clark sent me three photos in which she was exchanging calming signals with a Great Grey Owl. She has kindly given me permission to post them.

Turid sometimes shows videotape of different species giving each other calming signals, but she tends not to say anything about the exchanges: she merely shows them. Carolyn's photos strike me like that. Just lovely!

Letter To Myself

Dear Me,

When you get into a daze, just take a few deep breaths, take a short break, and go at things as consistently as you can, even if you feel disoriented. Remember, you need to be willing to be confused.

Yes, I know you don't like the sensation, but if you can accept it as normal, which it really is, you know, you should continue to have fun even if you are confused.

So remember to have fun!

Yes, Mother.

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Rambles by CoDogs

Date: Monday, 14-Nov-2005 14:39:26 PST
by: Almali del Benian
From: Next-door
Subject: Welcome to CoDog Rambles!

Dear CoDogs All, Welcome, finally, to our Rambles Page for all CoDogs. I am hosting here on behalf of Prancy, Kwali, Kumbi and Carol. I live Next-Door, but am often playing with these CoDog cousins of mine. We're looking forward to your rambles! Almali del Benian

 * * * * * * *

Date: Friday, 30-Dec-2005 16:29:37 PST
by: PlaySIng
From: Home!
Subject: Dear Carola

My email will not link up, nor will yahoo! So this is not even a ramble, not even for your ramble page, but a way to GET a ramble to you to tell you we have arrived home safely. I dropped Jobaggober and DogDaddy off at the house at 5:30 (we left Liberty at 9:30 am, so not a bad drive at all!) then went to grandmas to pick up Zak and Toby, and have just arrived back home. Everyone is quite happy to be home of course! I have tons to tell you, so will try email again in a bit and see what happens! Love, BrayRayBaySing Fri, 30 Dec 2005 19:33:13

 * * * * * * *

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