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In Fond Memory of

Prancy ClawDig Wallbounce Tramplepaws

14 April 1986 - 26 December 2005

Prancy Surveys Her Domain

Prancy Flies

[cc13452] - Prancy Surveys Her Domain

Prancy's Long Life

Prancy ClawDig Wallbounce Tramplepaws earned her name by bouncing off walls, by encircling human ankles and digging in her claws as a sign of acceptance, and by placing her paws as she desired when she desired.

Her life on Earth was long, and mostly happy. She overcame several illnesses, primarily, ear infections that left her stone, cold deaf from the age of about seven, and some severe gastro-intestinal upsets, the last of which hospitalized her for a week in Saseenos Veterinary Clinic, which, thereafter, she considered her second home.

Until she went deaf, she would accompany us on walks along the road and to the park. Later, discretion being the better part of valor, Prancy remained close to home, and in her last years, she remained, of her own choice, inside the protective fence that keeps dogs in and most intruders out.

Prancy always liked to survey her domain from convenient places, such as the warm cupboard over the washing machine, or her Private Nest on the Grooming Table.

She specialized in drooling into the Left Shift Key while sitting on my lap at the computer, or warming her belly on the USR Courier external modem.

She had many other favored places, in the house and yard. She would join us on the Front Stoop to help Kwali and Kumbi recover from knee surgery,

As is so common, as she got very old, her kidneys began to fail. When asked if she would accept subcutaneous drip to sustain her, she delivered resounding Nos, and so, refusing what she saw as heroic treatment, she gladly accepted Demerol, followed by the Blue Juice that helped her launch to Rainbow Bridge.

Drs. Amanda Booth and Carla Bell, with their usual consummate skill, provided the needed assistance, and the three of us accompanied Prancy in her departure from this planet.

It was wonderful to see the euphoria with which Prancy took her great flight.

Prancy Hovers

Like all the rest of my departed companions, Prancy hovers, in the big hole in my heart, and also, everywhere in the house and yard. Her paw-prints decorate the house, her now ethereal body purrs on my lap, her spirit warms us when we sleep.

Goodbye from Earth, Prancy; have fun with our other companions at Rainbow Bridge, and wait for us; we will join you one day.

And thanks for the legacy you leave us, of Utter CatNess, to accompany our earthbound HumanNess and DogNess. Your Predecssorship is magnificent.

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