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Kwali's Knee: Repaired!

Glad to be home

Time for a rest and a cuddle

Dr. Amanda fixes Kwali's knee

Kumbi, George and Carol welcome her home

Kwali rests comfortably in her crate

Kumbi is supervising Kwali's Knee Journal

Dr.Amanda laughs

c22842 - Dr. Amanda Booth: our great veterinarian

Kumbi and George watch over Kwali

c23370 - Kumbi and George watch over Kwali

Kwali licks George's hand

c23375 - Kwali licks George's hand

We are so glad Dr. Amanda Booth was able to repair Kwali's knee so well. Now we face the long recovery period. Kumbi and George will help Carol help Kwali, while, as always, Prancy Surveys All.

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