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Dream Visions

Dream Thoughts

Rest for Eyes

Rest your Eyes

With Blankness on This Page

Oh, darn. I forgot.

I don't think you can show a blank page [deadpan]. I have to put something in here. That's the way the Web and browsers work.

Maybe I could show a blank page by putting up a picture that is blank.

WHAT? Madame Greedy do That? Never!

I am so greedy for so many things that I sometimes call myself "Madame Greedy" before other humans can do it.

Dogs have never called me greedy. They seem to like greediness.

Hey, they thrive on it.

Instead of a Blank Page

How about a dose of one of my favorites?

The Eyes of Dogs
Are Upon You

All the Livelong Day

Eye of doG stretches to see everything

And Half the Night

Eye of doG stretches to see everything

Are you sleepy?

Eye of doG stretches to see everything

This space intentionally



Carol, go to bed

Yes, Mother

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