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DeBunk with Kwali and Kumbi

Sage Kwali and Questor Kumbi

Debunk Together

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Kwali and Kumbi InDeBunk

Sage Kwali and Questor Kumbi In DeBunk
Photo by Prancy, edited by Carol

DeBunk: A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog
Kwali and Kumbi discuss fatigue

Saturday, 19 November, 2005

You down there sitting in those leaves, Kumbi, are you listening?

Sure I am! You're lying down up there; are you tired? I'm sitting up down here, laughing.

Of course I'm lying down up here; it feels so good in these leaves. So are you feeling tired down there?

Not especially; are you tired up there lying down there? You didn't answer my question fully.

NO, I'm not tired, I just like the feel of these leaves on my belly; they give me a crinkly-winkly feeling.

Well, then, Kwali, you must not be a Good Dog, because a Good Dog is a Tired Dog, didn't you know that?

Kumbi, don't be silly. Oh, well, do be silly, I rather like it. What is a Good Dog, anyway?

Hey, Kwali, a Good Dog, hey, you know this - is a dog who is too tired to bug its humans. So the dog sleeps. If it's not too tired to sleep, anyway.

Well, that's right, Kumbi. But you know there are dogs who don't get anything like enough exercise.

Yeah, I've heard of that. Sometimes I could use a little more myself, and so could you, when our knees are well enough and not hurting. But, then, we usually do pretty well.

We do, Kumbi. Most of the time. I really miss our beach walks, though. Mum says eventually we'll do them again, once my knee is fully healed. Well, the road-walks are kind of fun, too, now that we're getting more used to them.

Dad says he'll come too, when we go to the beach when he's here. That is, if we don't go too early in the morning. I wonder if a good man is a tired man.

Oh, Kumbi, you're being silly again. Daddy just loves us to sleep with him. If he were here every night, he'd never need a bath; we'd wash him all the time.

But Daddy doesn't let me lick his nose any more. He says I lick like an Arabian towel, all hot and wet and really hard! But he lets me lick his forehead; boy, that tastes great! I'm really in touch with his great Brain when I do that. I get lots of good Daddy-stuff that way.

Well, I lick Daddy's hands, those wonderful, powerful, strong hands that do so many nice things around here, like feeding us Cuddly Kibble while we lie on his chest. And I lick his hands right up to his elbows.

But Kwali, tell me, are you sure people mean dogs are good when we're tired? How about when we're not tired?

Some people get tired. Of their dogs. I think that's what they mean. So if the dogs are sleeping because they're tired, they don't have to play with their dogs or take care of them when they're sleeping. Some dogs get so worn out they're practically comatose.

Really? I like to alternate. I like to Sentry, and to leap around and run around, and explore and bark-bark sometimes. Too bad I don't get to chase the wild rabbits.

I love to trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot, along the beach, or the path, or even the road! And the roadside. And sniff all those smells. I don't think I'd ever get tired of doing that. Oh, and I love to dig, dig, dig. Well, sometimes I get tired, and then I like to nest and dig in my blankets and nap for a while.

I love to trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot, too, shoulder-to-shoulder with you is especially fun, and we can do that when we go with Mum and take her on the leashes, and she trit-trots trit trots to keep up with us. Haha; we get her tired that way, don't we! Then she quiets down after we come back home and doesn't bug us for a while. Isn't that nice, Kwali?

Yeah, Kumbi. That's nice.

Nip It In The Bud

From Kwali's and Kumbi's Journals
Saturday, 19 November, 2005

You gotta nip it in the bud, Kumbi! That's what They Say.

Kwali, who is They?

Them. Thems out Theres. The Humans.

Not our humans - they know better than to do that, right?

Yeah. Right. And you and I know better than to nip it in the bud. Nip the bud, and you get no berries. For goodness sake!

Well, then, I don't understand why some humans say to Nip it in the Bud. Why do they, Kwali?

Well, Kumbi, it's like this. Hey, I've seen this! They are talking about us!

Nahhh, they wouldn't, would they? What bud? Mine are gone!

Yeah, Mum did that when she thought it would help protect you from Big Bad Neighbor Dogs. I'm sorry you got nipped. Oh, well, I got nipped too, but it's not so obvious with me. Anyway, Mum says she might think twice another time. Too late for you, dear Kumbi. Too late for me, but then, I got nipped before Kwali ComeDay, 4 September, 1996.

Kumbi ComeDay is July 28, 1997.

Yeah, I rememmber that. After you explored for a bit, you thought it was time to go home. You didn't know you were home.

I remember that, too. I felt better soon. You took good care of me. Thanks.

I remember. You always lay on my hindquarters, for almost a year! So I got to be a kind of Mother after all!

And you didn't Nip Me In The Bud. Thanks, Kwali.

You're welcome, Kumbi.

Dog-Dog Bond Wrecks Dog-Human-Bond
Or does it?

Well, does it?
Of course not!

Kumbi, you'll never guess what I heard the other day.

Well, I might, but you hear so much I doubt I could guess right. I like to be right, so tell me!

Okay. I heard a Human say if you, the Humans, let your dogs bond with each other, they won't pay attention to you (the Humans).

Is that right, Kwali? That seems strange to me. Do they think we dogs can't tell the difference between a dog and a human?

I don't know, Kumbi. Dogs and humans do different things. They - the Humans - and we - the Dogs - are different creatures, so each kind of creature has its special place in our lives.

Well, sure! Mum can't be you for me. I can't be Dad for you, either. So Mum is one kind of creature, Dad another, though related, and you, another, but more like me. Hey, I'd get mad if Mum or Dad thought I shouldn't have you for my really close Buddy-of-first-interest.

Kumbi, I'm not sure that's how these Humans are thinking. I think they're worried that we might not do what they ask us to, say, on short notice - maybe like, Come When Called? - if we were too much interested in each other - maybe playing or something.

I don't get it, Kwali. When Mum says, "Key-All!" we know she has something nice for us, so we go to see what it is. Mostly, anyway. There is that rare time I'm sitting up on the Big Stump in the yard, and I'm not close enough to hear Mum saying "Key-All!" when she and you are in the house.

But then, since you're not showing up right away, she opens the door and sings out "Key-All" into the yard, and then you come trit-trotting in, once you get down from the Big Stump.

Well, of course, Kwali; I wouldn't want to miss the Nice Stuff. But I still don't understand what worries the Humans about their dogs being really good Buddies and running together, as we sometimes sort of do.

Maybe it's a different situation. Maybe those dogs don't get to be together very much, or they're kept separated a lot, or something.

Remember all the time first I, then you, spent in a crate? Or, with you, tethered? And each of us, at times, in the Front Stoop Pen? After our knees got repaired - Gosh, that hurt - we were so confined, for so long.

How could I forget that? Well, Mum didn't leave me much in a crate, except overnight while she slept - and then my crate was on Our Bed, same as yours was when your knee-repair wasn't yet three or four months past. She tethered me instead, because I took the tether well, but hated the crate. Except at night, that is.

I remember that. I had a hard time giving up the Front Stoop Pen to you, after your knee surgery. It really was my place, you know. There's even a picture of it here on CoDog

Oh. I thought you were going to say this one Or even this one, because by then, it was I with the repaired knee, but you love the Pen, and I love the Boot Tray.

Or how about, speaking of being good buddies, both of us in the pen together?

Well, and then there's Us Hugging, as sometimes we do.

What is this Kwali, a sudden attic-treausre-search for old photos that are fun to look at?

Sure, why not? It's fun to look at old photos, don't you think? Especially of ourselves- what Do we look like, anyway? We don't see ourselves all that much. Not many mirrors around here, at least, not within our eye-range.

If you go by the number of photos Mum and Dad take of us, they must think we are somehow great treasures indeed - not just the photos, I think?

Of course they think we're treasures. What else could we be? After all, we are dogs.

But Kwali, I treasure you, too. You really are my best buddy. Even though I'm not with you a lot of the day or night!

And I treasure you too, Kumbi. Same thing. I'm not with you all the time, either.And when we're together, it's usually companionably, quite relaxed, nothing obviously special. But if we're on a chase together, that's something else again - there we work as a kind of team.

Yes, and what happens if Mum calls us?

She knows when to call and when not to.

As in, don't interrupt us in the middle of a really crucial chase.

Right. Unless a car is coming or something, like that day Mum dropped your leash by mistake.

Yeah. The car was already gone, so I just checked to see if Suki the German Shepherd dog was around, and then I came, dragging my loose leash behind me.

So why did you come?

Don't be silly, Kwali. What else would I do? I live with you, Mum, Dad when he's here.

Yeah. Me too. We're family. Good buddies.

Right, Kwali. This is special. Family. That's what we are.

That's what we are, Kumbi.

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