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You may leave me a Comment or Question if you like. Or you may send email by clicking on my name at the bottom of the page. Please make sure to send email in plain text only to make sure I receive it, until I notify you I have whitelisted your email address.

To submit entries for publication on Coherent Dog, send email, in plain text only, to Almali del Benian. Cousin Almali, Keeper of the Guestbooks and Visitor Stories, is also fielding Comments and Questions for the time being. She will forward to me any that she can't herself answer.

How to Find Others

Especially on dog behavior
and raising and teaching Dogs

Here are links to what I find some of the most useful information and instruction about dogs and dog-behavior available today.

It is perfectly possible to go through life with a dog and never, ever, have to punish the dog. But to learn how to do this requires careful attention and study, so it's a lot of work for humans. Humans are constantly bombarded with information about how we can blame dogs for being the dogs they are, instead of our taking time to learn enough about them to listen to what they are telling us.

I am delighted to report that some dog-trainers have enough information to help us do the learning we need to do, so we can live with dogs and never have to punish them.

My dogs are grateful. I am grateful. And may the work of these trainers spread far and wide.

Turid Rugaas

My greatest mentor on canine body-language and its implications for how we communicate with dogs is Norwegian-born internationsl dog-trainer Turid Rugaas. I use what I learn from her every day, and in every moment of contact with any dog. Especially, what Turid Rugaas teaches has made it possible for me to converse easily with my own dogs, or any other dog I might meet. Above all, I am able to shepherd my dogs through difficult situations, merely by using canine calming signals, and following up on the various implications of all Turid teaches.

Turid's main site is at Turid Rugaas: International Dog Trainer

Keep an eye on this site to learn of Turid's current projects, including various books and DVDs or videos for sale.

To read some of Turid's articles and to find questions asked of her and her answers, visit

Turid's Calming Signals Community

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Articles by Turid Rugaas on Coherent Dog

Turid Rugaas on Arousal and Stress

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Carolyn Clark

One of Canada's finest trainers, Carolyn Clark, is in Kanata, Ontario. Carolyn has a long and impressive set of credentials, but is very unassuming about them. However, she uses her knowledge wisely in her work. It is thanks to Carolyn Clark that I have been able to study the work of Turid Rugaas in detail.

Carolyn's school is The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour.

To learn more about Carolyn's school and services, vist her at

The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour

Carolyn Clark offers a wide variety of services and activities. She hosts seminars with Turid Rugaas and Turid's associates, incluing Anne-Lill Kvam, and with Bob Bailey.

Carolyn is one of Turid's associates. She also studied extensively with the Baileys, and has often assisted them with their workshops.

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Bob and Marian Bailey

For the very most effective and efficient precision-training of dogs or any other animal, I believe you can learn the most of the best by studying and using the work of Bob and Marian Bailey.

If you're going to use a clicker to train your dog, please study the work of the Baileys. Then use their teachings to the utmost.

Marian Breland Bailey died late in September, 2001. Her death was a huge loss for the world of precision-animal-training.

Bob Bailey continued teaching, but is retiring in fits and starts. If you are interested in clicker-training, I believe you cannot do better than to learn from Bob Bailey.

For more information about the Baileys, please visit at

Bob Bailey's site

Although the training I do barely resembles any the Baileys do and did, I adhere very carefully to the principles the Baileys use, because they assure that the animal trainee will suffer the very least possible stress in training.

Articles by Bob Bailey on Coherent Dog

Bob Bailey on Pavlov

Carol Whitney and Bob Bailey on The Bailey Basics

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Dr. Kate Fulkerson
HighGarth Labrador Retrievers

Dr. Kate Fulkerson breeds and raises Labrador Retrievers. She is extremely attentive to all aspects of life that might bring well-being to dogs.

Kate completed all the Bailey workshops, through the advanced levels. She studies the work of Turid Rugaas and uses it to guide her.

Kate's attentiveness and sensitivities are as deep and extensive as those of anyone I know.

if you want to bolster your knowledge of how to raise puppies, how to breed for best possible health and temperament, how to care best for your dogs, I suggest you learn what you can from Dr. Kate Fulkerson.

Kate teaches in the medical school at Duke University in Durham, NC. She also presents courses on dogs there.

Kate has a web site under construction, at

HighGarth Labrador Retrievers

Also, you can reach her by email at

Kate Fulkerson, HighGarth Labrador Retrievers

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Karla McCoy
Animal Communication

Karla McCoy has deepest respect for animals, for what they are. Surely that is why she can receive the pictures they send. Karla says that is how animals communicate: by sending pictures, or images.

I have never experienced this, though Karla says any of us can learn to receive the images. I'm probably too much culture-bound to learn easily.

On the other hand, I am old, wise and experienced enough to know that there's much in the universe that I don't, perhaps can't, necessarily know.

I think of the theory of relativity - who would believe in time and space warps? Black Holes?

So I bow before Karla's skills, and her willingness to put in the time and energy to communicate with animals. Karla performs services of a high quality difficult to match.

She offers other services as well.

You can find her at

Karla McCoy at AnimalTell

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Sheila Harper
Canine Education

Sheila Harper Canine Education trains you to train your dog, and consults with your dog and you on dog-behaviour also, if that is what you need or would like.

I have not met Sheila personally, but have seen some of her writings, and heard much about her also from Turid Rugaas and other sources.

If you get an opportunity to visit with Sheila or go to one of her seminars, I recommend doing that.

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Sally Hopkins

I discovered Sally Hopkins by accident, while looking for Sheila Harper. Sally studied with Turid Rugaas, Sheila Harper, and others. Her web site is packed with interesting and useful information about dogs, though you will need to become a member to access some of the site. The cost of access is quite low, and I recommend joining.

I had heard of Sally before, but never knew her last name! She designs care and training and games for dogs of sorts that really, really suit them. Humans should have a lot of fun along with the dogs!

Maybe one day I'll have the pleasure of meeting Sheila and Sally in person.

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Joe Carr
Animal Companion Understander

Joe is a dear friend I've known for many years. He has a special comprehension of companion animals, because he pays attention. Any cat or dog of Joe's can count on having a life truly suited to its being and capabilities.

Sometimes I think Joe has an Eye of doG or Eye of caT

Joe is also a very accomplished photographer, so for a special treat, see Joe's Animal Companion Photos

Recently I consulted Joe's site to help me make a JoeCollar for Kwali, to keep her from licking incisions on her belly.

Joe didn't call it that, Kwali and I named it.

AnyDog or Human who has struggled with the Cone, Lampshade, or "Elizabethan" collars for animals is fully aware of how miserable they make the animals; yet it's essential to keep animals from licking wounds. When I mentioned this collar to a dog-person, she said it was called a "BiteNot" collar, and that it's quite expensive, a lot more so than an Elizabethan or Buster collar, as the cone-shaped ones are called.

I managed to suppress my laughter.

Kwali says she was quite comfortable all week, wearing it, night and day.

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Barbara Ray - CoHorse
Animal Friend

Barbara Ray is the Conservation Education Director of the Ohio Wildlife Center where she facilitates environmental experiences for people of all ages to foster proactive conservation behavior and peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

You can find her at

Coherent Horse

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