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Comments and Questions

My beloved Cousin Almali has kindly agreed to take on the job of Keeper of CoDog Comments and Questions. She will try to answer questions, and forward any to me that she can't herself answer.

To have your comment or question considered, please sign your email, including your first and last names. Please indicate if you wish a reply. We will try to respond to all legitimate inquiries.

How to send your comment or question

Send your comment or question by email, in plain text only, to Almali del Benian

Please note also that email not in plain text is deleted by our service before it even reaches our mailboxes. This is an anti-spam feature that both Cousin Almali and I use.

We regret the inconvenience caused by spammers. However, we do sincerely appreciate Honorable CoDogs, and invite you, if you are one, to share your comments and questions with us.

We will do our best to assist you.

Special thanks to Cousin Almali for taking this on!


Oh, goodie; I have room to play on this page, which still has lots of work to do on it.

So let me see how this goes for an image.

Eye of doG

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