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Turid Rugaas

To read some of Turid's articles and to find questions asked of her and her answers, visit

Turid's Calming Signals Community

Turid's Schedule

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Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clarks School and Services

The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour

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Bob and Marian Bailey

Bob and Marian Bailey's main site [Marian died in 2001]

Bob Bailey's site

Keller and Marian Breland Bailey's notorious article, "The Misbehavior of Organisms"


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Karla McCoy
Animal Communication

Animal Communicator, Bach Flower Remedies, TTouch,and other services

Karla McCoy at AnimalTell

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Joe Carr
Animal Companion Understander

Joe Carr's photos of companion animals

Joe's Animal Companion Photos

Dog Collar to prevent licking wounds. I call this the JoeCollar.


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Sheila Harper
Dog Behaviour and Training

High quality trainer and behavior counselor; really knows dogs, understands them, treats them well, and teaches you how to do the same.

Sheila Harper Canine Education

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Sally Hopkins
Teaching Dogs with Games

I found Sally Hopkins by accident, while looking for Sheila Harper; it turns out that Sally and I have many human dog-friends in common, and see very much eye-to-eye about caring for and teaching dogs - and having fun with them. Sally travels in the greatest of circles for the well-beings of dogs. Her site is massive, and contains lots of excellent and interesting material.

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Web-Weaving Links

Paul McFedries

To find Paul McFedries's books, you can visit

Paul McFedries' web site.

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Russ Weakley

I started with this Liquid Layout Tutorial.

Liquid layouts the easy way

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Russ Weakley

This tutorial on lists helped me with the links between my pages on Coherent Dog.


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Russ Weakley

This tutorial on floats helped me control the placement of columns in the entire page design, and also, the placement of images on the pages.


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Russ Weakley

This tutorial on selectors is leading me gradually to learn about how to control appearances on pages.


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BonRouge provides many ideas and bits of code on his site. he is a teacher; I asked him! He is effective in his teachings.

You can find BonRouge at BonRouge.com

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BonRouge Easy Gallery

When I was stuck about how to put captions under the thumbnail photos on my Gallery pages, I found a really wonderful solution from BonRouge.

I took the code for my main Gallery pages from his site.

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WebDeveloper Forums

Many people answer questions on the WebDeveloper Forums. They are helpful and friendly.

WebDeveloper Forums welcomes even beginners like me.

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W3C MarkUp Validation Service

The WordWideWeb Consortium MarkUp Validator provides tips along with its validation service. You can upload your page and check it for validity. Sometimes, depending on context, it finds typographical erros in code.

To validate your HTML files, you can go to the W3C Markup Validation Service

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W3C CSS Validation Service

The WordWideWeb Consortium CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Validator finds errors in external styles sheets, or in HTML pages where style information is included in the page header area.

To validate your Cascading Style Sheets, you can go to the W3C CSS Validation Service

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A List Apart

E-Magazine for Web Designers, even for Un-Computer Web Makers like me. I really like the design of A List Apart.

You can reach it at A List Apart

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I find SimpleBits very attractive, and interesting, too. Dan Cederholm is interested in maintaining standards in web design. He is a very sensitive and perceptive writer also

Dan Cederholm's site is SimpleBits

One Web Developer's Haven

MstrBob, who answers lots of questions on the WebDeveloper Forums, and also works with a group of volunteers to produce an online guide to web design, writing for people like me, calls his personal site "One Web Developer's Haven." He is so lucid with his assistance that I know I'll keep wanting to visit his site. He thinks out loud in ways that I can really begin to understand!


Edward Clarke, IT Consultant from Hastings, East Sussex, in the UK, attends and helps on the WebDeveloper Forums. The help Eddie gave me in a sentence or two was so greatly to the point that I felt suddenly enlightened. I went to his site to have a look - my goodness! what a treasure of assistance for me, especially on accessibility and search-engine optimization (spelled "optimisation" in the UK, of course).

You can find Eddie on accessibility at TN38 Access. Also, I recommend his page on search engine optimisation, and also, make sure to check the links to information and assistance for computer-users and web-makers, on the right of each page.

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