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Dog and Human Family

Kwali, Kumbi and Carol

Dogs Are Family

In our home, as in so many, dogs live as family. Why? Oh; because they are family. Doing so comes naturally to the domestic dog.

Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twinkletoes

Kwali joined us when she was seventeen and a half months old. She had been returned to the breeder, one hour before I picked her up to be part of our family.

Her first home away from her dam and littermates was not ideal. Her humans loved her, but had no idea how to care for her, and apparently, because they thought they knew more about dogs than they actually did, they didn't go looking for more information.

Fortunately for us, they returned Kwali to her breeder, whose dogs I'd had before, so when I spoke up for her, she became part of our family.

She earned the name "Houdini" by leaping two feet up and falling eight feet to the ground, to join me and our other dog when I took the other for a short walk and left her at home.

Kwali earned the name Porcupine by being a chewer of wood; primarily, bark and twigs.

Twinkletoes is a family name in our house. Kwali inherited the name Corazon from her immediate Predecessor, Corazon Twinkletoes.

Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws

Kumbi joined our family on 21 July, 1997. He was eight months and two days old at the time. His breeder hadn't found a home she liked for him, and when she learned I was eager for a companion for Kwali, Kumbi joined us.

His name at the time was Twitch, but we didn't think that fit him very well. But we kept the name, so his first human family could call him that if they wanted to.

Thunderpaws is another of our family-names. Kumbi earned "Sentry" by having a strong predilection for Sentrying. Part of his Sentrying is his typical evening Garden-Singing.

In general, Kumbi takes the outpost position, ready to alert us to anything out of the ordinary, and also, watching the world go by. His almost complete blindnes from diabetic cataracts doesn't hinder him in his self-imposed Sentry duties.


I think I have introduced myself adequately here: Carol Whitney

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